Amy Kirkpatrick, artist

With a Bachelor's of Fine Art degree from Florida State University in graphic design, I had a successful career in advertising and corporate marketing. Always fast paced, I developed a strong work ethic and learned to just go for it!

I live in coastal southern California with my husband who is a rock and blues drummer. Until recent events, our house has always been filled with loud music and band rehearsals.

I'm a big cat lover which is why I paint a lot of them. I have had several but don't have any pets at the moment. I love all animals and can be heard talking to the lizards, butterflies and hummingbirds in my backyard. So, naturally, I have a popular butterfly series and a hummingbird series. The beach is nearby which inspired my beach themed paintings such as my Shore Break painting, Sea Shell Series, and my Blue Sea Series.

My recent art adventure is painting with pastels. I had such an aversion to chalk as a child and would cringe whenever I was called to the chalkboard because I hated the feeling of the chalk. Well, apparently, I got over that because I am loving what I can do with soft pastels!

Before Covid-19, I was a trying my hand at plein air watercolor painting. I was meeting a wonderful group of local artists and getting a little better each trip. Hopefully, my group can get together again soon.

Right now, I have over 800 works of art, mostly watercolors, but I have over 100 abstract drawings that I plan to release soon, when I find the time. Finding the balance between creating and selling is a challenge for most artists, and I am no exception! Please check back often as I am currently trying to focus on getting everything online.

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